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Massive exoplanet on eccentric orbit around sun-like star Kepler-1704 might have changed orbits

There is a massive exoplanet in orbit around star Kepler-1704. Long-term radial velocity measuring now show mass of the exoplanet and parameters of its orbit around star. Orbit of this exoplanet is highly eccentric with periastron (closest to the star) 0.16 AU a apoastron 3.9 AU (furthest from the star).

missions icon Kepler 7. 3. 2009 - 15. 11. 2018 Ended: Success

Exoplanet Kepler 20f

Year on this exoplanet lasts nearly 3 years and the temperatures vary greatly. Astronomers expect the lowest temperatures on the planets surface around -100 °C and the highest exceeding 600 °C.
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Kepler-1704 2792.2 ly
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