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Nearby double white dwarf star should generate low frequency gravitational waves

Astronomers identified binary white dwarf system SDSS J133725.26+395237.7 (SDSS J1337+3952) where the stars orbit each other in only 99 minutes. According to a new study these white dwarfs generate low frequency gravitational waves, that could be one day detectable. The unique system shows spectral lines of both stars, which allowed astronomers find out more about their parameters and history.

White dwarf, core

SDSS J1337+3952 is 368 light years away from the Solar system. It consists of two components, both white dwarfs (0.51 and 0.32 solar masses). The short rotational period shows, that both stars are close to each other and getting closer. In 200 milion year they will merge and create new helium-rich star. It will probably be another white dwarf.
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SDSS J1337+3952 368.3 ly
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