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Exoplanet TOI-1634 b is the biggest known with close orbit to its star

Astronomers led by Teruyuki Hirano discovered two new rocky exoplanets orbiting very close to their stars. TOI-1634 b and TOI-1685 b both orbit red dwarf stars with about half the mass of Sun. One year on these planets lasts less than a day, making them ultra short period exoplanets. TOI-1634 b is the biggest known exoplanet to have this short year.

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Rocky exoplanet (illustration)

According to data from telescopes TESS and Subaru neither TOI-1634 b nor TOI-1685 b have their primary hydrogen atmospheres. It is possible that they have secondary atmospheres, that consist of gases coming from their surfaces.


Star TOI-1634 (TESS Object of Interest) is a red dwarf 115 light years away. It has about half the mass of the Sun. Exoplanet TOI-1634 b has 5 times more mass than Earth and 1.79 its radius. It is the biggest known exoplanet with year lasting less than a 24 hours.


Another red dwarf TOI-1685 lies 123 light years away from the Sun. The exoplanet in this system has even shorter year, but is a little smaller - its radius is 70 % bigger than Earth's. There might be another planet in this system, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.
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