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Two rocky exoplanets discovered orbiting nearby star Gliese 239

Star Gliese 239 lies 33 light years away. It is a red dwarf with half the mass and size of the Sun. Astronomers now report discovery of two transiting exoplanets, both bigger than the Earth but still rocky. They orbit very close to their star and have high temperatures on their surfaces.

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Gliese 239

Star Gliese 239

Gliese 239 (HD 260655) is a single star only 33 light years away from the Sun. It has 44 % of solar mass and spectral class M0V, making it one of the bigger stars in this category. Its surface temperature is 3 700 K (the Sun’s temperature is 5 800 K).

Exoplanet Gliese 239 b

The closer exoplanet b orbits the star every three days on a very tight orbit. It has twice the mass of Earth and temperatures around 450 °C. Its radius is 25 % bigger than Earth’s radius.

Exoplanet Gliese 239 c

Second exoplanet Gliese 239 c is twice as far. It has about 3 Earth masses and its radius is 50 % bigger. Both exoplanets are probably rocky and belong to super-Earth category. Their proximity to the Sun makes them perfect target for atmospheric studies with JWST telescope.
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