Voyager 1 spacecraft is sending weird signal from the edge of the Solar system

Don’t worry, the famous probe is fine. Or at least it seems that way for now. However one of the instruments on board is sending wrong telemetry data. The AACS instrument is responsible (among others) for spacecraft orientation, which is key for pointing the communication antenna to Earth, so the probe can send data to us.

Right now the telemetry data appear to be random and the mission operators are trying to find out why. The probe instruments however seem to be working as they should.

Voyager 1 is the furthest man-made object. It is now about 156 AU away (1 AU = distance between Earth and the Sun, Pluto is about 35 AU away). The signal from the probe travels to Earth for more than 21 hours.
Voyager, path through the Solar system
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