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Gaia space telescope discovered its first two exoplanets

European space observatory Gaia measures precise positions of stars in our galaxy, however it can also look for exoplanets. Scientists now report confirmation of two exoplanets discovered by the spacecraft.

missions icon Gaia 19. 12. 2013 Ongoing
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Milky way, map 2018

Gaia telescope looks at more than a billion stars of the Milky Way galaxy and maps their positions and movements. Turns out, it can also detect transits of exoplanets. Astronomers now confirm the existence of Gaia-1 b and Gaia-2 b exoplanets.
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Gaia-2 675.8 ly
1 exoplanet
part of star image
part of star image
Gaia-1 1201.4 ly
1 exoplanet
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