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Third exoplanet discovered orbiting red giant HD 33142

Astronomers discovered a third exoplanet orbiting red giant star HD 33142. All planets in this system are much bigger than Earth, the last one discovered being the smallest of them.

Gliese 239

HD 33142 is a red giant, which means that the star is running out of hydrogen in its core and is starting to swell up. With 1,5 solar masses it has a radius more than 4 times bigger than the Sun does.

The newly discovered exoplanet HD 33142 d is 60 times heavier than Earth (0.6 Jupiter mass) and its year lasts 90 days. The other two planets are bigger than Jupiter and farther than 1 AU from the star. 
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HD 33142 397.3 ly
3 exoplanet
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