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Discovery of 2 exoplanets orbiting very cold star LP 890-9

Astronomers discovered 2 new exoplanets orbiting a very cold star LP 890-9. One of the exoplanets seems to be in the habitable zone of the star, and therefore is a very interesting target for future observations. The star LP 890-9 is currently the second coldest star with known exoplanets.

Exoplanet orbiting red dwarf star

The star LP 890-9 lies 105 light years away, which makes it one of the closer ones (Milky Way is in tens of thousands light years across). It is a red dwarf with 12 % solar mass. Less mass also means lower temperature - LP 890-9 has surface temperature about 3 000 K, while the Suns is almost twice as hot. 

The planet b is closer to the star and too hot for life as we know it. However the c planet sits just the right distance from its star to have similar conditions on its surface as Earth does. 
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LP 890-9 105.4 ly
2 exoplanet
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