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Astronomers used JWST and TESS telescopes to study nearby brown dwarf HD 19467 B

Brown dwarfs are objects between planets and stars. Astronomers divide them into 3 categories according to their temperature - L, T, Y. Their relatively low temperatures and brightness allow them to stay hidden for most part. Only the most powerful infrared telescopes are able to see them and that is where James Webb Space Telescope comes in.

missions icon TESS 18. 4. 2018 Ongoing
missions icon JWST 25. 12. 2021 Ongoing

HD 19467, star and brown dwarf

The primary star in the system HD 19467 is similar to our Sun. It hosts an intermediate brown dwarf  of spectral class T5, with a surface temperature reaching 1 000 °C with mass around between 60  and 80 Jupiters.
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HD 19467 104.5 ly
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