Exoplanet Gliese 173 b

(Unconfirmed Exoplanet)
Gliese 173 b is an unconfirmed exoplanet detected around star Gliese 173. More observations are needed to confirm its existence.
Sun distance: 36.56878 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
Exoplanet parameters
part of star image
part of star image
Star: Gliese 173
Other designations of this exoplanet
GJ 173 b, BD-11 916 b, LP 715-52 b, GCRV 2717 b, HIC 21556 b, HIP 21556 b, LTT 2050 b, 2MASS J04374188-1102198 b, MCC 106 b, NLTT 13657 b, TIC 55997717 b, TYC 5324-581-1 b, WEB 4138 b
Star Gliese 173