Exoplanet 2MASS J1237+6526 b

(Unconfirmed Exoplanet)
2MASS J1237+6526 b is an unconfirmed exoplanet detected around star 2MASS J1237+6526. More observations are needed to confirm its existence.
Sun distance: 33.94982 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
Exoplanet parameters
Mass of the planet: 3179.07 Earth masses
Distance from the star: 0.003 AU
Other designations of this exoplanet
SDSS J123738.88+652613.5 b, TIC 147681982 b, 2MASS 1237+6526 b, 2MASS J12373919+6526148 b
Star 2MASS J1237+6526
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