Exoplanet LTT 3780 A b

Exoplanet LTT 3780 A b orbits star LTT 3780 A that lies 72 light years away from the Sun. It weighs about 2.3 Earth masses and orbits its star much closer than Earth orbits Sun.
Sun distance: 71.84496 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
Exoplanet parameters
part of star image
part of star image
Star: LTT 3780 A
Mass of the planet: 2.34 Earth masses
Size of the planet: 1.35 Earth radii
Temperature: 892 °K (619 °C)
Distance from the star: 0.012 AU
Orbit around star: 0.77 days
Year of discovery: 2020
Other designations of this exoplanet
G 162-44 b, LP 729-54 b, LTT 3780 b, NLTT 23974 b, TOI-732 b, 2MASS J10183516-1142599 b, WISEA J101834.88-114302.8 b, TIC 36724087 b, LDS 3977A b
Exoplanets around star LTT 3780 A
LTT 3780 A b
| 0.01 AU
LTT 3780 A c
| 0.08 AU
Star LTT 3780
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