Exoplanet HD 116029 b

Exoplanet HD 116029 b orbits star HD 116029 that lies 403 light years away from the Sun. It weighs about 667.6 Earth masses and orbits its star further than Earth orbits Sun.
Sun distance: 403.3938 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
Exoplanet parameters
part of star image
part of star image
Star: HD 116029
icon weightMass: 667.6 M Earth | 2.1 M Jupiter
icon distanceDistance from the star: 1.73 AU
icon timeOrbit around star: 670.2 days
icon discoveryYear of discovery: 2011
Other designations of this exoplanet
AG+24 1374 b, BD+25 2623 b, HIC 65117 b, HIP 65117 b, 2MASS J13203954+2438555 b, SAO 82792 b, TIC 305837711 b, TYC 1994-2335-1 b, YZ 24 6438 b
Exoplanets around star HD 116029
Exoplanet HD 116029 b orbits star Class subgiant HD 116029, which has bigger mass than Sun. It is one of 2 known exoplanets orbiting this star.
HD 116029 c
| 0 AU
HD 116029 b
| 1.73 AU
Star HD 116029