Exoplanet Epsilon Reticuli A b

Exoplanet Epsilon Reticuli A b orbits star Epsilon Reticuli A that lies 60 light years away from the Sun. It weighs about 495.9 Earth masses and orbits its star further than Earth orbits Sun.
Sun distance: 60.14461 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
Exoplanet parameters
icon weightMass: 495.9 M Earth | 1.6 M Jupiter
icon distanceDistance from the star: 1.271 AU
icon timeOrbit around star: 428.1 days
icon discoveryYear of discovery: 2000 (radial velocity)
Other designations of this exoplanet
* eps Ret b, GEN# +1.00027442 b, IRAS 04156-5925 b, TIC 198079199 b, ** JSP 56A b, GJ 167.3 b, Gliese 167.3 b, JP11 882 b, TYC 8508-2041-1 b, AKARI-IRC-V1 J0416290-591809 b, Gliese 9153 b, GJ 9153 b, 2MASS J04162902-5918078 b, UBV 4189 b, CCDM J04165-5918A b, GSC 08508-02041 b, PLX 958 b, UBV M 10085 b, CPC 20 1085 b, HD 27442A b, PLX 958.00 b, uvby98 100027442 b, CPD-59 324 b, HD 27442 b, PPM 333351 b, WDS J04165-5918A b, CSI-59 324 41 b, HIC 19921 b, SAO 233463 b, WEB 3804 b, FAUST 538 b, HIP 19921 b, SKY# 6536 b, [BBW2000] FD 58 b, GC 5194 b, HR 1355 b, SPOCS 209 b, Gaia DR2 4678664766394767616 b, GCRV 2468 b, IDS 04148-5932 A b, TD1 3044 b
Exoplanets around star Epsilon Reticuli A
Exoplanet Epsilon Reticuli A b orbits star Class orange star Epsilon Reticuli A, which has bigger mass than Sun. It is the only known exoplanet orbiting this star
Epsilon Reticuli A b
| 1.27 AU
Star Epsilon Reticuli