Exoplanet CVSO 30 c

(Unconfirmed Exoplanet)
CVSO 30 c is an unconfirmed exoplanet detected around star CVSO 30. More observations are needed to confirm its existence.
Sun distance: 1139.847 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
Exoplanet parameters
part of star image
part of star image
Star: CVSO 30
icon weightMass: 1494.2 M Earth | 4.7 M Jupiter
icon distanceDistance from the star: 660 AU
icon timeOrbit around star: 9861750 days
Other designations of this exoplanet
UCAC2 32318442 c, DENIS J052507.5+013424 c, 2MASS J05250755+0134243 c, PTFO 8-8695 c, TIC 264461976 c, OB1a 962 c
Star CVSO 30