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American mission TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) started on 18. 4. 2018 and is still running.
TESS, teleskop
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Startmission icon 18. 4. 2018
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Fastest Jupiter: a year on newly discovered exoplanet TOI-2109b lasts only 16 hours

Astronomers found a new exoplanet around star TOI-2109. It is a hot Jupiter - a planet similar to Jupiter orbitting very close to its star. In fact TOI-2109b is so close, that it finishes its orbit around star in only 16 hours. That makes it the fastest known hot Jupiter amd second hottest one.

No Transits of Proxima Centauri Planets in High-Cadence TESS Data

Two small exoplanets discovered around nearby star LHS 1678, also maybe a brown dwarf

Astronomers discovered 2 new exoplanets in orbit around star LHS 1678. Both of them are smaller than Earth, although one is more massive. The system of the star LHS 1678 might also contain a brown dwarf and third exoplanet, but those have not been confirmed with observations from another observatory.

TOI-3362b: A Proto-Hot Jupiter Undergoing High-Eccentricity Tidal Migration

Puffed-up Jupiter: Newly discovered exoplanet has less mass, but is much bigger then the biggest planet in Solar system

Newly confirmed exoplanet TOI 4138 b (also TIC 257060897 b) has only two thirds of Jupiter mass but its radius is 50 % bigger. The reason behind this could be the tight orbit around its star.

Rare warm mini-neptune discovered 123 light years away

Around one of the stars in a binary system TOI-1201 was discovered new exoplanet. It orbits its star ten times closer than Mercury orbits the Sun. It's about 2.5 times bigger than Earth and more than 6 times heavier. From its calculated density scientists expect it to be a member of sub-neptune class of exoplanets.

Exoplanet TOI-1634 b is the biggest known with close orbit to its star

Astronomers led by Teruyuki Hirano discovered two new rocky exoplanets orbiting very close to their stars. TOI-1634 b and TOI-1685 b both orbit red dwarf stars with about half the mass of Sun. One year on these planets lasts less than a day, making them ultra short period exoplanets. TOI-1634 b is the biggest known exoplanet to have this short year.

Exoplanet TOI-2406 b is the biggest subneptune class member found so far

Astronomers discovered new exoplanet using data from the space telescope TESS. Exoplanet TOI-2406 b orbits a red dwarf 181 light years away and is almost 3 times bigger than Earth. According to a new study TOI-2406 b is the largest subneptune exoplanet found so far.

Exoplanet with less than half the mass of Earth and water world are hiding in nearby system L 98-59

Astronomers used Very Large Telescope to find out more about the exoplanets around star L98-59. They measured masses of the 3 previously known exoplanets and discovered one more. There also seems to be fifth exoplanet, which has not been confirmed yet.

Speeding star LP 40-365 comes from a supernova and has 9-hour rotation

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