Star 2MASS J2110-1920

Red dwarf 2MASS J2110-1920 is located 111.8 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star of spectral class M5 D, that has typically about 25 % of solar mass. For now, there are no known exoplanets in this system.

Red dwarfs are small reddish stars, it is by far the most common type of star in solar neighborhood.
Sun distance: 111.8 light years.
(Position of this star is derived from Gaia mission data.)
2MASS J2110-1920
part of star image
part of star image
Red dwarf
spectral class M5 D

0.3 solar masses (estimate)
(No known exoplanets yet)
Other designations of this star
2MASS J21100461-1920302, BPS CS 22898-0066, RAVE J211004.6-192030
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