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Star HD 47127 B

Brown dwarf HD 47127 B is located 87 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star of spectral class T, that has typically about 3 % of solar mass. For now, there are no known exoplanets in this system.
Sun distance
87 light years
HD 47127 B
part of star image
part of star image
Brown dwarf (spectral class T)

Mass: 0.02 M Sun | 21 M Jupiter (estimate)
(No known exoplanets yet)
More about HD 47127 B
      Nearby star HD 47127 B can be found in northern celestial hemisphere, however it is too dim to be seen with the naked eye or even a small telescope. 
Other designations of this star
Class of stars Brown dwarf
part of star image
part of star image
Brown dwarfs are not really stars, because there is no thermonuclear fusion in their core. These objects are smaller and cooler than stars, but too massive to be considered planets
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