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Star LP 645-50

Red dwarf LP 645-50 is located 181.4 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star of spectral class M4V, that has 16 of solar mass. There is at least one exoplanet in this system.
Sun distance
181.4 light years
LP 645-50
part of star image
part of star image
Red dwarf (spectral class M4V)

Mass: 0.16 M Sun | M Jupiter
radius icon
Size: 0.2 R Sun | R Jupiter
temperature iconTemperature: 3100 K | 0.54 T Sun

1 exoplanet:
LP 645-50 b
- 0.02 AU 0 days
More about LP 645-50
      Star LP 645-50 can be found in southern celestial hemisphere.  LP 645-50 is about 20 % of the size of Sun and temperature in its outer envelope is around 3100 K (2827 °C), which is about 54 % of Suns temperature.
Other designations of this star
TOI-2406, TIC 212957629, 2MASS J00351318-0322140, Gaia 2528453161326406016
Class of stars Red dwarf
part of star image
part of star image
Red dwarfs are small reddish stars, that are by far the most common type of star in solar neighborhood. Their mass is usually between 10 and 50 % of solar mass.
News from this star system
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