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Star PSR B1620-26

Neutron star PSR B1620-26 is located 12400 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star, that has 135 of solar mass. There is at least one exoplanet in this system.
Sun distance
12400 light years
PSR B1620-26
part of star image
part of star image
Neutron star

Mass: 1.35 M Sun | M Jupiter
radius icon
Size: 0.00003 R Sun | 0 R Jupiter
temperature iconTemperature: 27000 K | 4.67 T Sun
time iconAge: 12.2 billions years | 2.65 Sun

1 exoplanet:
PSR B1620-26 b
794.8 M 23 AU 36500 days
More about PSR B1620-26
      Star PSR B1620-26 can be found in southern celestial hemisphere.  PSR B1620-26 is much smaller than the Sun and temperature in its outer envelope is around 27000 K (26727 °C), which is about 467 % of Suns temperature.
Other designations of this star
EQ J1623-2631, PSR J1623-2631
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