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Star TOI 2076

Orange star TOI 2076 is located 136.9 light years away from the Sun. It is a single flare star of spectral class K0 D, that has 85 of solar mass. There are multiple known exoplanets in this system.
Sun distance
136.9 light years
TOI 2076
part of star image
part of star image
Orange star (spectral class K0 D)
flare star

Mass: 0.85 M Sun | M Jupiter
radius icon
Size: 0.761 R Sun | R Jupiter
temperature iconTemperature: 5187 K | 0.9 T Sun
time iconAge: 0.2 billions years | 0.04 Sun

3 exoplanets:
TOI 2076 b
- 0.06 AU 0 days
TOI 2076 c
- 0.09 AU 0 days
TOI 2076 d
- 0.11 AU 0 days
More about TOI 2076
      Star TOI 2076 can be found in northern celestial hemisphere.  TOI 2076 is about 80 % of the size of Sun and temperature in its outer envelope is around 5187 K (4914 °C), which is about 90 % of Suns temperature.
Other designations of this star
BD+40 2790, 2MASS J14293425+3947255, TYC 3036-481-1, TIC 27491137, WISEA J142934.13+394725.4
News from this star system
Article image:

TOI-2076 and TOI-1807: Two Young, Comoving Planetary Systems within 50 pc Identified by TESS that are Ideal Candidates for Further Follow Up

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